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Neg. No.
Date: 1967 or 1968
Subject: R. G. LeTourneau Tells Stories in Chapel
Description: Audio of R. G. LeTourneau telling stories in Chapel at LeTourneau College. These stories are some that he shares with the audience when he speaks at…

Neg. No.
Subject: Camp Building
Description; Photos of inside camp building

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Neg. No.
Subject: Tournavista Mission in Reverse
Description: Article about a mission trip to Tournavista where the Peruvians witnessed to the American teens.

Subject: LeTourneau College Bus
Description: Photos of Richard LeTourneau and Kent Wilson with LeTourneau College Bus.

Neg. No.
Date: 1968-02-27
Subject: Dr. Wernher von Braun speaks at LeTourneau College
Description: Newspaper article about Dr. Wernher von Braun, world-famous scientist and father of the mommoth Saturn rockets, speaking at LeTourneau College

Neg. No.
Date: 1977-12-03
Subject: Address of U.S. General Louis J. Rummaggi at the Harmon General Hospital Historical Marker Dedication Ceremony
Description: Transcript of the address given by U.S. General Louis J. Rummaggi at the Harmon…

Neg. No.
Date: 1977-12-11
Subject: Now it is Marked for Future Generations-Harmon General Hospital
Description: Editorial in the Longview Morning Journal about Harmon General Hospital.

Neg. No.
Date: 1972-11-22, 1945-05-15, 1946-01-20, 06-01-1945, 1944-01-20, 1945-01-10
Subject: Harmon General Hospital Records from National Archives and Records Service
Description: Letter from Francis Heppner of the National Archives and…

Neg. No.
Date: 1977-12-08
Subject: Former Spa Man Honored in Longview, Texas- Harmon General Hospital
Description: Newspaper article about honoring Col. Daniel W. Harmon from Hot Springs, Arkansas at the unveiling of the Texas Historical…

Neg. No.
Date: 1977-12-09
Subject: Harmon General Hospital Site Marker Unveiled
Description: Newspaper article about the Harmon General Hospital Site Marker being unveiled.